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Level classes:
Structure = Full body warm up, 3-5 Conditioning movements depending on level, specific skill break down spin category and skin hold categories. Finish with end of class flow



This is your FIRST step in the door at PR Pole Fit. Our INTRO 4 week series is designed to provide you a thorough introduction/crash course to the pure fundamentals of pole.

Join with other new to pole clients who are egger to take flight and see where their wings can take them!

Content: 4 weeks of programs consisting of: 4 conditioning movements, 2 skin holds and 2 spins per class, with simple and easy to follow linking transitions which will give you a full introduction to all of our key grips and beginner pole positions so you have a smooth journey into any entry level class and more

Pre-req: no pole, dance or fitness experienced to start this

(fitted shorts, sports top and tank top for dress code)




With unique conditioning skills on top of gaining a strong foundation of core pole grips, spins, transitions and skin holds. Our beginner-1 level truly will set you up for success in the next levels to come.

Content: with 12 different programs you will learn 20 different skin holds (tricks) and 20 different spins. Conditioning that will prepare you for inverts, leg hangs and climbs, strengthen many core grips you will use throughout your whole pole journey on top of working on basic transitions, base work and rises. fun short flows at the end of class will get your cardio in for the week!

You will be more than set up for success to enter beginner 2 after this level.

Pre-req: recommend INTRO 4 WEEK SERIES - no, dance or fitness experienced to start this

(fitted shorts, sports top and tank top for dress code)



In beginner-2 you will take your knowledge from beginner-1 and begin a new journey of pole fitness. This is where you will find your wings and begin your journey to inversions, spin combinations, and variations of core skin holds. Your flows in Beginner will continue to build your stamina with connecting movements to prepare you for Intermediate.

Content: with 20 different programs you will learn: 31 new individual skills (tricks) and 9 trick combinations. 21 individual spins and 15 spin combinations.

Conditioning in this level has you touching the celling in 3 core climb types, incorporates basic inversions and leg hangs in rotation to give you rest and recovery between sessions working on these heavy beginner skills. as well as some very unique conditioning to prep for caterpillar climb, shoulder mount, Ayesha and superman. 

Don't rush the process in this level. There are some very valuable and important mile stones to hit in beginner 2 so you have a safe and fun filled adventure into intermediate 1.

Pre-req: must be able to execute at a minimum; skin holds (tricks) with ease and comfort - basic plank, peter pan, V sit, low genie, low shooting star, upright thigh hold, floor cupid, figurehead pose. spins smoothly - cradle spin, tuck spin, back side spin - baby Juliette spin, floating step around, forward ankle attitude spin, Hollywood spin, baby dolphin spin, front hook spin, back hook spin, chair spin.

You are executing all conditioning skills with ease and control. Linking skills together in end of class flows are smooth and controlled.




You have mastered your basic inversions. Your relationship with the pole is ready to take your upright transitions and skills, and flip them upside down with fun new variations of the norm you will learn a new level of dance up in the air.

Content: with 30 programs incorporating 37 new tricks, 31 trick combos, 18 new spins and 18 new spin combinations, you will be challenged each week with adding inversions to your class flow on top of power spins, 3 spin combos, introducing inverted spins and spin climbs/dismounts, transitioning between 2+ upright skills and transitions around the pole plus base work. You will be spending a lot more time with your feet off the ground in this level.

Conditioning at this level will begin your strengthening and prep for: Ayesha, aerial inverts, caterpillar climb, superman and training thoracic rotations to prep you for more advanced tricks later.

Pre-req: Must be able to execute at a minimum:

 skin holds (tricks) stargazer, 2 handed advanced plank, wrist sit, cross knee release, emerald, low cupid, figurehead, apprentice, baby unicorn, side knot, upright ball, no hand Marley - skill combos such as: martini to shooting star, fan legs to pole sit, knee sit to figurehead pose, closed Marley to peter pan, V sit to upright thigh hold.

spins such as: reverse spin, corkscrew, basic reverse grab, flying back hook, figurehead spin, front hook swing, cradle spin side V, tuck back side spin, pencil spin and Juliette. spin combos such as: knee spin to floor sweeper, fireman to open figurehead spin, front hook to back hook, 1 arm leap pivot forward side spin.

MUST have solid basic inverted crucifix with at least 3 different dismounts, both leg hangs Gemini and Scorpio with smooth controlled entry, position and dismounts.



You are ready to mix and flip things up yet again! Intermediate 2 is where you truly understand the saying "life is better upside down" linking 3+ tricks together, taking known shapes from previous levels and morphing them into new more complex pieces of art. You have found your wings and are ready to sore. 

Content: with over 40 programs you will learn to link 3+ tricks together, flows develop from singular skills with more transitions to more tricks based flows where your transitions are skills all in them selves. Spins and spin combos build your confidence and strength introducing power spins and spin combos that incorporate tricks, learn there are more ways to get upside down than a basic invert on top of finding your personal flow. Have you hit up Twirl Technique yet? It may be time to start training on spin pole as some of your flow will now be introduced in spin mode!

Conditioning at this level introduces more focused work on Ayesha, cartwheel, brass monkey mount, handsprings, full caterpillar climb, aerial shoulder mounts and aerial deadlift inverts.

Pre-req: must have, at a minimum: twisted star, basic infinity, advanced plank, poison, butterfly, bomb, flat line Scorpio, hang glider, reverse Ayesha, umbrella, lady garden, closed duchess, Scorpio stand, hood ornament. skill combos such as: Gemini to shooting star, Gemini to Scorpio, butterfly to Scorpio, apprentice to side knot, wrist sit to Gemini, stargazer to cross knee release, cupid to forward fold crucifix, jasmine drop. spins such as: reverse grab flair, wrist sit spin, wrong arm fan legs to pole tuck, upright thigh hold to tuck spin dismount. spin combos such as: Juliette to tuck back side spin, reverse grab to back hook, reverse grab to floating step around, dolphin spin to reverse spin, spinning climb on static. 

20240107_143033 1.jpg


power combos, strength skills, deadlift conditioning, tumbles, advanced level twirl combos and so much more! Are you a higher level intermediate student looking for a new challenge? twice a month this class will bring you something fun challenging and different to add to your personal practice.

This class will bring advanced level conditioning that will lead into skill combo break downs. There will be lots of time given to each element so you get time with your instructor for spotting and correct body alignment and execution. 

If you are an experienced intermediate 1 level + you will be able to attend this class. Know that at this level, you will need to take the content with you and continue to work on the elements, this class is elite, it is ok to not get everything in 1 class

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