With unique conditioning skills on top of gaining a strong "foundation" of core pole grips, spins, transitions and skin holds. Our foundations level truly will set you up for success in the next levels to come.

Content: with over 30 different programs you will learn over 2 dozen skin holds (tricks) and 30 spins. Conditioning our 8 core pole grips used throughout your entire pole journey on top of working on basic transitions, base work and rises. You will be more than set up for success.

Pre-req: no pole, dance or fitness experienced to start this

(fitted shorts, sports top and tank top for dress code)



In beginner you will take your knowledge from Foundations and begin a new journey of pole fitness. This is where you will find your wings and begin your journey to inversions, spin combinations, and variations of core skin holds. Your flows in Beginner will continue to build your stamina with connecting movements to prepare you for Intermediate.

Content: with over 40 upright skin holds (tricks) and over 30 spins, we have created over 30 programs designed to condition your inversions with clean proper dismounts, give you strong and confident basic leg hangs, strengthen 3 versions of basic pole climb on top of new more intricate transitions, base work and rises. Your end of class flow will begin to build even more stamina to prepare you for intermediate.

Pre-req: must be able to execute; basic pole sit, upright crucifix, upright shooting star and upright figure four skin holds at a minimum. Must be able to execute pole facing spin such as fireman, side spin such as chair spin, reverse spin such as back hook at a minimum. All skills must be done with ease and proper entrance, exit and control.

(short fitted shorts, fitted sports top and tank top for dress code)



Level classes:
Structure = Full body warm up, 3-5 Conditioning movements depending on level, specific skill break down spin category and skin hold categories. Finish with end of class flow


Tricks & Combos

experienced beginner

Content: This class bridges the gap from beginner to intermediate. Offering a trick flow alternative to our regular level class flow that incorporates floor, low base work and upright transitions, THIS class will start your journey to trick combinations. Learn classic and core transitions switching between upright and inverted skills. 

This is a fun twist on our regular level class.

Pre-req: must be able to execute; Basic inverted Crucifix, Gemini, Scorpio, Basic pole climb and side climb, shooting star, cross knee release, wrist sit and figurehead.

(short fitted shorts, fitted sports top and tank top for dress code)

comparable class to beginner level or intermediate



You have mastered your basic inversions. Your relationship with the pole is ready to take your upright transitions and skills, and flip them upside down with fun new variations of the norm you will learn a new level of dance up in the air.

Content: with over 52 programs you will be challenged each week with adding inversions to your class flow on top of power spins, 3 spin combos, transitioning between 2+ upright skills and transitions around the pole and base work. You will be spending a lot more time with your feet off the ground in this level.

Pre-req: must be able to hold basic inverted crucifix, hands free with ease, proper entrance and multiple controlled dismounts. Outside leg hang/Gemini and inside leg hang/Scorpio, hands free with proper controlled entrance and exit. Can execute 2+spin combos together with ease. Conditioning from beginner has you on the verge of shoulder mount and you are able to complete class flows with little difficulty.

(dress code, regular pole attire)




Throw gravity out the window, incorporate power spins, flips, tumbles, bendy skills, and new ways to get upside down. Create your own transitions between skills, and add your own flair to a new skill. Your creativity and individual style will begin to show through with guidance from your instructors. Spread your wings, because the sky is the limit to this level.

Content: each week you will be challenged with different spin or static trick flows that can be all aerial or base work focused. Specific skills are taught in conjunction with the flow sequence as one move bends into the next. You have the ability here to work on specific skills individually if you are new to this level or if you are more experienced your goal would be to complete the combo. Your individuality can come through in this high-level class to be able to blend things to work within your own mobility or level of advanced.

Pre-req: you are proficient in skills such as but not limited to; Gemini climbs, shoulder mount, superman, leg switches, butterfly, reverse grab, aerial inverts, 3+spin combos, transitioning from upright skill to inverted skill and vice versa, you are able to execute intermediate level class flows with ease and find yourself typically adding on for more of a challenge.

(dress code, regular pole attire)