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PR Pole Fit Signature Chrome Classes introduce you to a wide range of unique classes that will spark your creative side and build your confidence and strength. from strict fitness to flexibility/mobility, contemporary dance, exotic and spin pole there are options for all levels so you can experience everything PR Pole Fit has to offer even just starting out.




Your introduction to spin pole starts here!

Using known foundations level content and creating a safe and informative spin pole class that is safe for even new to pole clients. 

We work on specific conditioning skills on static and spin pole learning how to lift off and manage your momentum. Easing into spin pole by working skills on static then spin to safely build your spin tolerance. 

Then finishing the class with a full spin flow with skills you learned throughout the class. 

pre- requisite  = NO experience required to take this class. beginner -1 level and above It is also a great substitute if you can not make another beginner-1 level class one week 

(dress code, fitted shorts and sports top and tank top)



This spin pole class is where you spread your wings, fly and create graceful new interesting shapes and flows on spin pole. 

Introduction to climbs and basic inversions on spin pole broken down by individual skill/shape then incorporated into a short spin flow

pre-requisite = basic pole climb, side climb, basic inverted crucifix, inside & outside leg hangs (Scorpio & Gemini), figurehead, cross knee release, wrist sit just to name a few. 

RECOMEND 6m+ experience

(regular pole attire required for dress code)




Find your interpretive side and artistic flair in this higher level contemporary style pole choreography class. 

From sassy to emotional, powerful to graceful, vibe is different each week but you are guaranteed to find new pole shapes, new ways to approach the pole and move around it as an extension of your person. 

You will even see sweats and sneakers, floor work and trick art make appearances in this time slot.

Join us for this wonderful creative hour incorporating pole tricks and spins into a 1 min production.

pre- requisite = Some pole experience is required for a safe and successful class. We suggest 3m+ or a good grasp of forward facing, side and back spins. as well as basic skin holds such as pole sit, upright shooting star and crucifix. 

(knee pads required)




Are you ready to venture into the world of sensual pole style?

We will break down specific categories of sensual pole movement such as body & leg waves, walk & crawl, tall transitions, base transitions rises, drops & kips just to name a few. Then incorporate them into a short flow

This class is designed to be drop in friendly, absolutly no experience is required to drop in on Sensual Chrome.


You can wear what ever makes you feel comfortable and sexy from leggings, to short shorts, sock feet or your favorite high heels


If you want to try pole heels for the first time we do have some to try!

pre-requisite = NO pole or dance experience required





We bring a different vibe and style of pole stilettos dance each week from classic to old school, hard to Russian, trick heels, heels art, even spin pole, diving into your sensual side with hair whips, body rolls, kips and heel bangs you will get to experience it all. This class is sure to fire up your Friday night!

This is a 1 hour choreography class focused on exploring the different styles of sensual pole. song, vibe and style posted on our IG and Facebook

pre-requisite = 3 month + experience recommended for this class, heals are optional but encouraged for proper skill execution.

A good comparable class would be Chrome Stilettos Technique

(knee pads required, 7inch to 8inch platform pole heals or sock feet )



 Our on and off the pole strength, conditioning and mobility class where you will warm up with a body weight workout meets yoga flow to get the blood moving. Then with resistance bands you will work on stabilizing muscles around the hips, core and shoulders, and finish with an on the pole cardio flow focused on our 8 main pole grips.

each of the 3 parts to this class are done with proper form and function in mind so you can move at your own pace with each element and increase your own difficulty over time. continuing our programing goal of focus on technique that fits every level and pole goals.

pre-requisite =NO experience required for this class, however 1 to 4 level classes is an asset. 

dress code: shorts and sports bra, short pole shorts are not required so you can wear bike short length if desired.




A 1 hour Strength, mobility and condition class that brings you different styles/concepts and focuses each week.

If you are looking to up your pole game this is the class for you regardless of what level you are.

Easy to follow conditioning flows that let you focus on form and function to ensure proper body alignment.

Are you ready to work those shoulders, splits and back bends? This is the class you have been waiting for.

pre-requisite =NO experience required for this class, however 1 to 4 level classes is an asset. 

dress code: shorts pole shorts not required for this class. Your favorite yoga or fitness gear is great. 

you can bring your own blocks, bands and yoga matt if you desire, but they will be provided otherwise.


Come and join Jo for an OFF THE POLE, low impact, full body workout perfect for all.


In this class we will be working on getting to know our core, how to engage it and find your Balance. Using an inversion stand; upright, as well as upside down, you will find out what this fun way of working out can do for you and your body.


No prior pole experience required.


We have 8 stands available in studio or you can bring your own!

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