PR Pole Fit Signature Chrome Classes introduce you to a wide range of unique classes that will spark your creative side and build your confidence and strength. from strict fitness to flexibility/mobility, contemporary dance, exotic and spin pole there are options for all levels so you can experience everything PR Pole Fit has to offer even just starting out.




Your introduction to spin pole starts here!

Using known foundations level content and creating a safe and informative spin pole class that is safe for even new to pole clients. 

We work on specific conditioning skills on static and spin pole learning how to lift off and manage your momentum. Easing into spin pole with Paula Ryan by working skills on static then spin to safely build your spin tolerance. 

Then finishing the class with a full spin flow with skills you learned throughout the class. 

pre- requisite  = NO experience required to take this class. It is also a great substitute if you can not make another foundations level class one week 

(dress code, fitted shorts and sports top and tank top)



This spin pole class is where you spread your wings, fly and create graceful new interesting shapes and flows on spin pole. 

Paula Ryan incorporates climbs, intricate upright pole shapes and beginner inversions we know you will fall in love with spin pole as much as we have with this one.

pre-requisite = basic pole climb, side climb, basic inverted crucifix, inside & outside leg hangs (Scorpio & Gemini), figurehead, cross knee release, wrist sit just to name a few. 

RECOMEND 6m+ in beginner level to have a safe and enjoyable Chrome Twirl class

This is a good comparable class to Beginner or Intermediate+ levels

(regular pole attire required for dress code)




Find your interpretive side and artistic flair in this higher level contemporary style pole choreography class. 

From sassy to emotional, powerful to graceful, vibe is different each week but you are guaranteed to find new pole shapes, new ways to approach the pole and move around it as an extension of your person. 

Join Paula Ryan for this wonderful creative hour incorporating pole tricks and spins into a 1 min production.

pre- requisite = Some pole experience is required for a safe and successful class. We suggest 3m+ or a good grasp of forward facing, side and back spins. as well as basic skin holds such as pole sit, upright shooting star and crucifix. 

(knee pads required)



We think EVERYONE needs this class in there weekly schedule!

As we evolve in our pole journey it is inevitable that we will be twisting and turning ourselves into some non functional movements! 

This class is your weekly fix of relaxation and recovery from the week before. 

Join Nellie for some "calm bendy vibes" switching week by week between stretch flows and yoga to ensure proper muscle strengthening and development​ for safe stretching/mobility work.

pre-requisite = NO experience needed. this class is a huge asset to new and experienced polers alike.

Want to flip from the calm flexi vibes for something more intense? consider trying Chrome Afterglow!

(yoga mat, 2x blocks, foam roller and ball provided, if you have your own you are more than welcome to bring them)




Are you ready to get sweaty, build strength and conquer your pole goals at any level and GLOW whale your at it? Formally named, Chrome Conditioning, this class will pump you up.

Join Keri to work on and off the pole in an 8 round circuit that incorporates our 8 main grips that you use throughout your whole pole journey from foundations to advanced. 

You will take a known pole grip/skill and blend it with another movement designed to target growth in a future skill in rounds. Then move off the pole for a complementary exercise targeted on the same area.

Be sure to wear you NEON! because after you warm up and learn all the class components the studio will go from classic to GLOW-TASTIC!

pre-requisite = NO experience required however some pole experience is an asset. example 3 foundations level classes

A great complementary class to this would be foundations or beginner level classes or slowing things down for Chrome Zen

(yoga mat required, if you have your own please bring it with you other wise one will be provided)




Are you ready to venture into the world of exotic pole style?  Paula Ryan brings you Chrome Stilettoes Technique in a level class structured flow class where we move from our warm up into stilettos conditioning with movements designed to bring awareness to the different parts of the platform, how to work with them to your benefit and strengthen ankles and hips to support the weight of the shoe.

After all of that we guarantee you will be warm! We will break down specific categories of exotic movement such as body & leg waves, walk & crawl, tall transitions, base transitions rises, drops & kips just to name a few. Then incorporate them into a short flow

pre-requisite = NO pole or dance experience required however some is an asset. example 3 foundations level classes

A great comparable class to this would be Chrome Kitten Stilettos

(knee pads required, 6inch to 7inch platform heals with ankle strap or boot optional but recommended)





You are ready to throw on your 7"- 8" platforms, grab your fishnets and knee pads and dive into your sensual side with Kat in this classic style exotic pole class. with lots of body roles and leg waves, foundations level spins and some more advanced transitions this class is sure to fire up your Friday night! 

pre-requisite = 3 month + experience recommended for this class, heals are optional but encouraged for proper skill execution.

A good comparable class would be Chrome Stilettos Technique

(knee pads required, 7inch to 8inch platform pole heals required)