COVID-19 Studio Policies and Procedures
(We are all in this together. We are doing our best to keep you and our instructors safe during this time. We are learning and adapting as we go so we ask for kindness and understanding as we try to ensure these practices are adhered to by all who enter our establishment, we know there will be some hiccups along the way, so please let's work together and support one another with positive feedback and suggestions). 

How are we working to keep you and us safe?

UPDATE: As of September 22nd PR Pole Fit Inc. will be required by the government of NB to require proof of vaccination to enter our studio for classes. This is a requirement implemented by GNB, not PR Pole Fit Inc. we are required to follow this policy or risk fines.
No personal information will be stored or collected on location. Proof will be required once only accompanied by government issued ID.
addition: Masks are mandatory to enter PR Pole Fit inc. as well as move through out all common areas of our space. Once in your pole space you do NOT need to wear your mask. 

-Class sizes limited to 8 students max. (green phase 2 = 14)

-Instructors will not be offering contact spotting at this time, crash mats are available to any student wishing to utilize one for added safety during unfamiliar tricks.(contact spotting IS in effect during green phase)

-If you have been out of the province, in contact with anyone who has been out of the province or have symptoms related to COVID-19 we please ask that you remove yourself from the schedule and re book after the 14 day isolation period has lapsed.

-All policy/PARQ forms will be done electronically at this time to limit unnecessary contact.

-Cash will NOT be accepted at this time, we do offer credit, debit, and e-transfer.(cash is accepted during green phase) 
-If you require a yoga mat for warm up we ask that you please bring your own as one will NOT be provided at this time for community use. (mats are available during green phase)

-15 min time slots have been put between classes to allow for a full sanitation of the studio and common area such as lobby, change room and bathroom.

-We still ask that you arrive early for class to be prepared and on time.  Please keep this within a 5 to 10 min time frame so we are able to execute all sanitation procedures.

all mask restrictions are lifted during green phase

-A face mask is mandatory  in all common areas of the studio. This includes, front lobby, passing through studio upon arrival/departure, lounge and change room .

-Once you are in the studio for the start of your class no face mask is required as social distancing standards are exceeded in our location.

-As soon as you walk threw the front door, hand sanitation is mandatory before proceeding to the lounge and change area.

-Once you have changed and are ready to enter the studio, hand washing plus sanitation is mandatory before entering the studio itself for your class.

-Each pole space will be taped off and each student should remain in that space for the entirety of their class.

-There will be a bin in each pole space for sanitizer bottle and cloths personal items such as water bottle, phone, note book, pen etc.

-No outerwear is to be worn past the lobby front doors.

These policies and procedures are in place to help keep the spread of COVID under control. These practices are put in place at PR Pole Fit to help keep you and our Staff safe while still being able to offer our community a fun, encouraging and supportive place to explore movement together, we appreciate your understanding and adherence to the above current standards.