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Cancellation/Refund policy

When purchasing classes, you agree to these terms and conditions regarding cancellation and refund policies as they are stated in the following descriptions.

All Cass passes 

Single Class/Class Packages

365 day exp. from date of purchase Final sale, no refunds or exchanges, no transfers, holds or extensions.
Valid on all core classes; excluding practice, workshops, pop ups and special events.

Class bookings = Cancellations must be done at least 3 hours prior to scheduled class. If you fail to do so, that class will then be considered lost. It will not be refunded, transferred or rescheduled. If class IS canceled before the 3-hour time frame, this class can be re-scheduled for another day within the class pass Expiry that was purchased. 

Workshops/Pop Ups

Workshops and Pop Ups are non-refundable and non-transferable. 24-hour notice is required for cancellation i order to receive 50% back.

Private Lessons and Parties

Private lessons require a 50% non-refundable deposit This is not transferable to any other class, class package or person.

Private lessons and parties must have a minimum of 24 hours notice to cancel. 50% deposit will not be refunded or transferred in any way. If it is before the 24-hour minimum, that class can be re-scheduled. No transfers or refunds are available.

No drugs or alcohol on premises.


recurring payments every 30 days until canceled. Unlimited access to classes based on membership purchased (see membership descriptions).  (Excludes workshops  and special events). No refunds, exchanges or transfers of any kind. no holds. No membership cancelation penalties

Class bookings = Cancellations must be done at least 3 hours prior to scheduled class. If you fail to do so, you will be issued a late cancel/no show invoice ($20 in studio - $15 virtual). If class IS canceled before the 3-hour time frame, no penalty.

Class Size Requirements

PR Pole Fit runs all classes with 2 students per pole. This offers opportunity to step back and observe what the instructor is teaching in more detail, offers opportunity for more team building and peer encouragement, as well as offering proper rest between skill attempts or rest between choreo class run throughs. 

There is a minimum of 4 scheduled clients registered for a class for it to run. If numbers are less than 4 at the 3-hour mark prior to class start time, the class will be canceled and the class will be put back into the client's account to re-schedule within their expiry time of purchase.


  • In the case that weather conditions are unsafe for staff and or clients to travel to the studio, management will cancel classes for that schedule day at or before but no later than 3 hours before the first scheduled class for that day. All scheduled clients will receive cancellation notifications to their personal emails, putting that booked class back into their account to be re-booked for another date within their expiry date, based on item purchased.

  • A social media post will be made at or before but no later than the 3 hours before the first scheduled class for that day.

  • If you have not received a cancellation notification and there have not been any social media posts regarding the studio closing, this means the studio is NOT closing and classes will run as scheduled.

  • If classes are running as scheduled but you do not feel you can make it to class, you must adhere to the cancellation policy that covers your purchased class in order to re-book for another day.

  • If conditions occur that result in the best decision for staff and clients, is to close the studio due to weather, power outage, shortage of staff, emergency, etc., all affected classes will be asked to contact owner/management team to rectify the lost class due to circumstances. 

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