We encourage all clients to partake in the level classes. 1 class a week, same day and time each week is suggested. In level classes we concentrate on fundamentals of the sport through a fun and safe PR Pole Fit progression style of programming. Each week you will receive detailed breakdowns of skills and conditioning before adding them to a flow created for your level.
We maintain a positive student to instructor ratio of max 1 instructor for every 7 students in all of our classes.

Tuesdays 715pm with Alexa
Thursdays 6pm with Keri
Saturdays 930am with Paula
Sundays 930 &1045am with Alexa


Regardless of fitness or dance background, all new to PR Pole Fit clients are required to take at least, 1 month of our 3 month foundations course. With unique conditioning skills on top of gaining a strong "foundation" of core pole grips, spins, transitions and skin holds. Our foundations level truly will set you up for success in the next levels to come.

Working with body weight on a vertical apparatus is different from nearly every other sport and activity, this requirement is for safety as well as eliminating any deviation from higher level classes programs to teach grips from this foundations course.

To register for this class:

No experience of any kind needed as this is the first step for all clients

Instructor recommendation = 1 Level class  + Chrome Conditioning class each week.


Tuesdays 830pm with Alexa
Wednesdays 6pm with Paula
Thursdays 6pm with Keri
Saturdays 1045am with Paula


In beginner you will take your knowledge from foundations and begin a new journey of pole fitness. This is where you will find your wings and begin your journey to inversions, spin combinations, and variations of core skin holds. Your flows in beginner will continue to build your stamina with connecting movements to

prepare you for intermediate 1.

To register in this level:

Be able to execute pole facing, forward facing and backward spins with ease and control.

Be able to hold 3 core skin holds: pole sit, crucifix, and upright shooting star with ease and moderate level of comfort.

Be able to execute foundations conditioning skills and flows with ease and control.

Instructor recommendation: 1 Level class + Practice class per week.

Intermediate 1
Wednesdays 830pm with Paula


You have mastered your basic inversions. Your relationship with the pole is ready to take your upright transitions and skills, and flip them upside down, with fun new variations of the norm you will learn a new level of dance up in the air.

We have hand picked your most used grips, inversions, and core intermediate transitions to create this 3 month pre-requisite course for Intermediate 2. This will set you up for success with all your intermediate basics! Such as: inverted split grip skills, basic leg hang variations, lay back variations, superman, and shoulder mount to name a few.

To register for this level:

Be able to execute with controlled entrance inverted crucifix with multiple controlled dismounts. Enter with ease and control; both inside (Scorpio) and outside (Gemini) leg hangs with a moderate level of comfort and controlled dismount.

Be able to execute 2 or more basic spins in combination with proper transitions in and out of said skill.

Strength and skin tolerance allow for smooth entrance/exit and execution of class upright pole skills from beginner. 

have the stamina to complete beginner conditioning and class flows.

instructor recommendation: 1 level class + practice + chrome art


Intermediate 2
Mondays 715pm with Paula


Now that you have your core intermediate skills in your back pocket, it is time to challenge your journey yet again! 

Taking those new skills and merging them together into new on the pole combos, new pole shapes as well as more detailed flows.

This is where you really begin learning to dance with your feet off the ground, and why we say "life is better upside down".

To register for This level:

Be able to execute these core intermediate 1 skills at a minimum: Butterfly, cross ankle release, reverse grab, inverted thy hold variations (ex. bomb, gold digger) transition from Gemini to skill (ex. Gemini to shooting star, Gemini to figurehead). 

Be able to complete the intermediate 1 conditioning and class flows. Transitioning 2 or more inverted and uprights skills in transition

Instructor recommendation: 1 Level class per week + Practice + Featured class per week

Wednesdays 715pm with Paula


Throw gravity out the window, incorporate power spins, flips, and new ways to get upside down. Create your own transitions between skills, and add your own flair to a new skill. Your creativity and individual style will begin to show threw with  guidance from your instructors. Spread your wings,  because the sky is the limit to this level.

To register for this level:

Be able to combine 3 or more spins in transition, incorporating variations of core inverted skills with proper form, safe entry and dismount, individually and as part of a class flow. 

Intermediate conditioning has you either on the verge or already executing shoulder mount, aerial invert, Caterpillar climb and cartwheel mount

transitioning from inverted to upright and vise versa can be accomplished with ease on its own or as part of a

class flow. 

Instructor recommendation: 1 Level class per week + Practice + Featured class per week


Single Classes


Single use class gets you in once to any level or feature class ( excluding Intro To Pole Fitness) that is currently running on our schedule. This is 
great if you are an out of town client, visiting from another studio, or even if you are currently enrolled in levels and looking to spice things up and try a feature class for the first time.


Special 1 time rate for first time clients. Eligible for redemption on "Intro To Pole Fitness Class" ONLY, on our schedule.

If you are looking for some extra one on one time outside of the normal level class structure, booking a private class is fantastic. You will get 1 hour dedicated to you and your instructor of choice. Plus a detailed personal plan for your hour.

Workshops will be added to the schedule periodically and fill up fast!
Workshops will be posted in studio and on our social media, so please follow and set your notifications so you don't miss out on the fun.
Learn from your in house instructors and some-times guest instructors, new, fun and different classes outside the norm you find in your regular classes, with fun themes, skills or styles. these 1h classes are not times you want to miss!


Feature Classes

The perfect complement to your level classes. Develop everything from transitions and flow to grace and poise. Put on a different persona for an hour in some of our dance inspired classes or gain the strength, coordination and stamina with our conditioning class. There truly is something here for everyone.

Intro To Pole Fitness Drop In

Saturdays 12pm (once a month)

Have you been wanting to try your first class but are feeling nervous to try your first intro on one of our foundations levels? 

This exclusive class is just for you. Only first time clients new to PR Pole Fit and pole fitness make up these wonderful welcoming classes. Intro rate drop-in of only 10$ gets you in the studio for a full warm up, conditioning, skill session and flow. We want you to feel comfortable when you join the family here at PR Pole Fit so we saved these special little classes just for you.

Dress code for this class is regular level class attire. Fitted shorts, supportive top and tank top

No dance or fitness experience required, class designed for the 1st time pole fitness client.


Chrome Art
Mondays 830 pm
with Paula

A contemporary inspired class, where art meets the vertical pole. Our feature chrome art class is where you will have the opportunity to tell a story through movement and skill on the pole. 

Learn new choreographed routines regularly, and watch your confidence sore with each new style you encounter. Incorporating dynamic spins, transitions, and skills from the floor to the pole. 

Dress code for this class can vary pending choreography, so watch for weekly posts from instructors on our social media platforms.

This is an all level class, where some pole experience is an asset

A great addition to any level client.

Chrome Twirl
Mondays at 6 pm
with Paula

You have watched the videos and have been blown away by how fluid and fast the artist was spinning and wondered to yourself how do they do that!? 

Spoiler alert, the pole spins!

This is an hour of creating beautiful shapes with elegant transitions learning how to work with the spin to add even more drama and flair to your own personal movement style.

Spin is a whole new ball game in the pole world and just like any other class with PR Pole Fit we take safety very seriously. What that means for this class is that you will ease into spin work, with portions of the class being on static to learn specific skills then moving into short 15 minutes segments of spin pole.

Dress code for this class is regular level class attire. Fitted shorts, supportive top and tank top

Pole experience is REQUIRED to register for this class. we suggest at least 6 weeks of regular pole classes, when you  have good hand grip control and comfort in your foundational skin holds: pole sit, Crucifix and upright shooting star

A great addition to the 6+ week foundations client and Beginner levels


Chrome Create
Tuesdays 6pm
with Alexa

Each week a classic song or artist that we all know, and love will be chosen. There will two basic moves taught to start the class. Using those two moves together we will create a flow as a group. 
From all trick flows, slow sensual, hard heels, and everything in between. Each week will be different in its own unique way.
The people of the class collaborating together making a flow that works for you.
Attire is up to you each week a song or artist will be announced so play it up or just come in your normal pole clothes. Some Pole or dance is an asset for this class.

Chrome Conditioning
Wednesdays 10am with Paula
Thursdays 8:30 pm with Keri
Saturdays 12pm (once a month)

This high intensity class is just what you ordered before heading into the weekend. Experience a 100% pole fitness class!

10 min mobility warm up, 10 min off the pole Tabata strengthening, 10 min grip, skill, movement break down. Then embark on a 20 min bare/dance style class of non stop foundation skills, designed to drill key pole grips and build strength, as well as challenge your cardio. Ending off with a 10 min cool down and stretch.

This class is designed for new and or experienced pole clients alike.

It was created to teach you both on and off the pole skills to help build your strength, muscle memory, coordination and technique, and be able to take some off the pole conditioning skills home with you to train in your off time.

No pole experience required for this class, open to new to pole or experience alike.

The perfect addition for the foundations/beginner client but still with value to intermediate and advanced.


Chrome Stilettos
Fridays 7:15 pm with Paula
Saturdays 12pm (once a month)

Start your Friday night here! In our much loved PR Pole Fit workshop turned regular running class, Chrome Stilettos, (An exotic inspired heals class) you will find low flow, floor work, body rolls, hip circles and heal bangs. This IS the class to pump you up for your Friday night.

This is an intermediate/advanced level choreo class. you need to have experience in 7" minimum platforms, confident inverts, leg hangs and climbs. upper body strength in pole that allows multiple skills upright and inverted in sequence. 

Enjoy a new routine every week with full choreo blending "Hard Exotic" style and "Russian Exotic" styles into one hard hitting, fast paced crazy world wind experience! 

So grab your favorite 8" boots and lets hit the floor!

Platform BOOTS 7" or 8" will be best for this class. Dress code for this class is what ever makes you feel empowered, strong and beautiful. From fishnets, body cages and garter belts to pants and crop tops. you can really have fun with this class. Watch for social media posts with theme/outfit ideas each week

TO REGISTER - This is NOT an entry level class. Experience IS required. This is an Intermediate/advanced level class, requiring experience in both pole and 7-8" stilettos. 

Chrome Kitten Stilettos
Fridays 8:30 pm
Fridays 6pm - semi monthly 
with Kat

You have heard the buzz around the Chrome Stilettos classes and you WANT IN on this experience but you are new to pole and or dancing in a platform heal. 

Well we created this class just for you! 

out "Kitten Stilettos" class is an entry level, beginner minimal experience required class where some pole experience will be an asset but not required. Learn core transitions around the pole, to the floor and back up again, filled with body waves, heal bangs, wavy legs and a whole lot of sass!!

Get the same amazingly empowering, choreographed routine every Friday night to amp you up and boost your confidence heading into your weekend. 

dress code: we suggest a 7" heal, with ankle support either an ankle strap or ankle boot. (boot styles will offer the most support)  the vibe and song will be announced on our social media ahead of time so you can get into the mood


Chrome Twirl
simi monthly Saturdays at 115pm

Chrome Twirl Intermediate is an amazing addition to your weekly class regimen for beginner level and above clients who are proficient in their pole climb,  basic inverts and leg hangs (Gemini and Scorpio)

We work longer durations of time on spin creating longer routines transitioning from the floor to the sky and back down again. 

Focusing on safety in spin inversions before our feet leave the ground and refreshers on basic spin pole control in relation to the current classes flow ensuring everyone has all the tools to have a successful and safe class.

MUST HAVE Pole Experience to attend this class. suggested  3 to 6 months, depending on the skill of the individual client.

this is a great addition to the experienced beginner level client and above.

Chrome Zen
Sundays at 12pm
with Nellie

so you made it to your level class this week, added a practice, hit up the conditioning class and then danced into the night for chrome stilettos on Friday and now you are wondering how you are gonna walk for work on Monday? same!

Are you after that elusive middle split? Or furthering your back bends to get you closer to those pole goals?

Join Nellie every Sunday for some "calm bendy vibes" switching week by week between stretch flows and yoga to ensure proper muscle strengthening and development​ for safe stretching/mobility work.

no experience needed for this chill session

YOU NEED: yoga mat, water, comfy stretchy clothing, tennis ball, 2 yoga blocks (optional for modifications for new to stretching clients)


Chrome Movement
pop up classes happening monthly

Chrome Movement is a class where you will begin to truly find your own style in movement with the pole, what is unique to you and your own transitions/style. 

This is a great addition to the Chrome Art class.

Each week be surprised with a different style of song, shape, object, restriction or skill, the list goes on. With over 30 different concepts the sky is the limit of developing your very own signature movement.

Embrace the unknown and find your movement with PR Pole Fit!

If you are looking to develop your transitions on and off the pole and grow your own ability to create in the moment during choreography classes AND level classes, this class is a MUST!

Dress code for this class is regular level class attire. Fitted shorts, supportive top and tank top.

Some pole or dance experience is an asset for this class.

A great addition to the intermediate/advanced client