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Studio Etiquette

NO LOTIONS OR BODY OILS TO BE USED BEFORE CLASS. This is to keep the poles safe for other students. In addition, NO JEWELRY (rings/bracelets/necklaces). These can cause damage to our poles in addition to potential injuries to yourself. THIS IS NON NEGOTIABLE, so please leave these items at home on class day, or store safely in your bag.

Classes will all start AT THERE SCHEDULED TIME. We ask that all students arrive in enough time to check in, change, and be ready for the start of class as the door WILL BE LOCKED once class starts so there are no distractions for the running class. This is also to keep you safe and able to complete a proper warm up. Your safety is our number one priority in all of our classes and events. Without a proper warm up, we can not allow you to partake in your scheduled class. That class will be considered lost if you are late, it will not be refunded, re-scheduled or transferred in any way.

We maintain a high level of professionalism on top of a fun encouraging atmosphere. PR Pole Fit is our second home and we want our clients to feel the same. Our space has ZERO tolerance to bullying, negative talk, or discrimination of any kind. Offenders will be addressed immediately, but privately. 

We encourage our students to take pictures and video but we do ask the following: 

1. Do not video the instructor or instruction of the class without asking, or being encouraged by your instructor.

2. Do not interrupt the instructor or disrupt the class learning for your own video or picture. 

3. Ask if it is OK to film as there are other students in class who may not be comfortable being in a video or photo.

Arrive for class with a willingness to learn, try, and with an open mind. Every skill or movement is not made for everyone and if given the opportunity our talented, skilled and experienced instructors will be able to find modifications or provide tips and tricks to help further your development, so please give them the opportunity to do so.

We ask that you do a scan of the studio, change room, and waiting area before you leave to make sure you have all of your personal belongings. PR Pole Fit owner, management and staff do not take responsibility for items left and lost. Anything left behind will be put in the lost and found that can be located at the front desk. At month end, all non collected items will be donated to a local non profit.


We DO NOT permit non enrolled persons to attend classes to only watch. This policy is in place to keep our valued clients safe, comfortable, and able to focus on their skill without distraction.

If you or someone you know is interested in watching a pole fitness performance, we encourage you to follow our social media pages or contact us to find out when our next showcase performances will be and purchase your seat.

Otherwise, if you or someone you know is interested in finding out more about what our classes are all about, we ask you to contact us to find out more, and/or register for your first class and participate. We do believe that doing is more valuable than just viewing. 

Dress Code

Depending on the class you are attending, the dress code can differ slightly. However, we do ask, in general, that tops and bottoms are fitted athletic wear. This is to keep you safe from parts of garments creating potential grip hazards, as well as not adding any distractions to your practice. 

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