Meet the Team


Paula Ryan

Paula began her pole fitness journey in 2009. 

Paula brings to PR Pole Fit 12 years of competitive figure skating + 10 years of figure skating coaching and certifications. Paula began teaching pole fitness in 2014, was certified with PFIC (Pole Fitness Institute Of Canada) in 2015, and she currently holds certifications in First Aid, Beginner CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association) and Fitness Theory through CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services). 

Paula has participated in multiple showcases across Ontario and trained with the stars through Canada and the U.S. Paula believes we should never stop learning, developing, and challenging ourselves.

"I love pole fitness because it can be what ever you want, or need it to be, on that day, or in that moment. It can brighten a bad day or get your emotions out if you are feeling down. There is no end to the variety of style, strength, and expression you can find with pole fitness and dance. It is ever growing and expanding with new skills and shapes at every level. I love getting to share my passion, and helping others find theirs each and every day. I truly love my sport and art and I believe that shows in my programming style at our studio.

Seeing everyone development weekly in students, and staff alike, is beyond motivating for me to keep developing, learning, and training myself so that I can bring the most relevant and comprehensive classes to all of you."


Keri Flowers

Keri began her pole fitness journey in May of 2018 and attended Summer Pole Camp in 2019.

Keri is certified in First Aid and Fitness Theory  CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services); she is in progress of attaining her Beginner CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association) certification.

"I have gained so much confidence and self love from pole. Everyone truly can do this sport if they wanted,  the diversity is endless, whether you started a week ago or years ago there is always something new to work towards and improve on at every level. 

I love instructing because I get to help others figure out new pole tricks and see their progression each week. Getting to be a cheerleader as well as a coach is so rewarding."


Alexa Thompson

Alexa began her pole journey in January of 2018. 

Alexa Holds certifications in First Aid and Fitness Theory CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Services) and Beginner CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association). 

Alexa's love for others is second to none, making everyone feel warm and welcomed even before she was instructing. You will get very acquainted with her wonderful presence! She drops into the studio on a regular basis just to be around her pole family as much as she can be. Alexa is a dedicated dog mom (send her cute dog photos to save yourself from hard warm ups!) She is a master of giving easy to understand breakdowns of skill with realistic goal setting to keep your spirits and energy level high all class long!

Bring on the fun!


Katerine Keable

Kat began her pole fitness journey in February of 2018.

Kat is certified in First Aid and Fitness Theory CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Service), Is in progress of attaining her Beginner CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association).

Our proud military wife and mother of 2 boys, brings some serious discipline and passion to all of her classes from her horseback riding background. Kat took assisting in October of 2018 with a wonderful passion, she explains "Assisting has been such a wonderful experience and opportunity to help others and learn more about what goes on behind the scenes of a pole fitness class". She loves to not only further develop her own skills but be a part of others doing the same; she loves surrounding her self with so many wonderful people.

"I love pole because of its unconventional way of working the whole body in unique ways and always keeping it different and fun to be in class."


Maryse De La Vivetiere

Maryse began her pole journey in April of 2018.

Maryse is certified in First Aid and Fitness Theory with CFES (Canadian Fitness Education Service). Is in progress of attaining her Beginner CPFA (Canadian Pole Fitness Association).

Pilates and yoga were her go to workouts before she found pole. What she loves most from the sport is how you can see and feel the progress you are making almost weekly.

Her goal when she started assisting was to help encourage others to push themselves out of their comfort zones and to help them crush their goals! Eliminating the "I cant" mindset, she brings this same moto into her instructing as well.

Maryse loves being in a space and part of a unique family that is fun, supportive, and encouraging each and every day; on and off the pole!


Nellie Lizotte

Nellie is a yogi and hardworking accounting student who began her pole fitness journey in 2019. She is passionate about physical fitness and flexibility, and hopes to share these passions with the world. She currently assists at PR Pole Fit and teaches Chrome Zen while pursuing her instructor certification in Beginner Flexibility.